As we all know, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Chances are that every time you buy a new electronic device, a new model is already on the way. And unfortunately, that means that the model you just paid a premium price for will be worth a lot less soon. When it comes to electronic devices, the moment you use the item, it immediately drops in value.

Have you considered second hand electronics? Instead of purchasing the newest ipad, laptop, or Samsung Galaxy, search for the best deals on like-new, second generation models at your local pawn shop. Buying used electronics in good working condition at a pawn shop can save you a ton of money!

Keep reading for tips on how to buy electronics at a pawn shop.

Visit Your Local Pawn Shop Regularly

Pawn shops get new items all the time, and popular electronic devices at rock-bottom prices typically don’t stay on the shelves for long. By visiting pawn shops regularly, you’ll have a better chance of finding bargains!

Know What You Want

Walking into a pawn shop with a wide variety of electronics for sale can be confusing. If you only have a rough idea of what you are looking for, it might be difficult for you to reach a decision.

Knowing the must-have features of the item you want can prevent you from wasting your time considering products that don’t match your needs. But remember to be open-minded. A pawn shop may have an item with additional features that’s only slightly more expensive but substantially more beneficial.

Do Your Research on Pricing

Most products depreciate over time, but electronics, such as laptops and computers, typically depreciate faster than others. Before buying electronics at a pawn shop it’s always advisable to research current market prices. It will give you a guideline of whether or not an item is fairly priced.

Test the Item Before Purchase

As a rule, pawn shops always test electronics to ensure they’re working properly before buying them. They’re not going to sell you a television “in good working condition” when they know it’s not working. However, always test the item before buying it. For example, display devices, such as televisions, may have burn-in issues where an image (called a ghost image) is permanently displayed when you switch it on.

Sometimes accidents happen! You can’t rule out the possibility that someone working at the pawn shop or another customer may have inadvertently damaged the item.

Does the item have all its accessories?

Many electronics come out of the box with accessories, such as remotes, chargers, adaptors, etc. Check that the item you want to buy has all its original accessories and cables.

While you may be able to replace something, such as a missing cable, it might be more difficult to find than you originally anticipated. Consider if the price of the laptop, phone, or TV reflects the missing adaptors or chargers that you may have to replace.

Try Your Luck at Negotiating

Pawn shops are usually open to negotiations. If you’re not comfortable with the price a pawn shop is asking, inform them of your reason(s) and tell them what you can pay. For example, if you’ve seen the electronics cheaper somewhere else, you can use that tactic. If it’s missing its charger or battery like mentioned above, work that into a fair price.

You are always free to ask for a better price. Doing your research before shopping will help!

Ask for Advice

Pawn shops typically have in-house experts on a variety of items, including electronics. Even if you consider yourself to be knowledgeable, it won’t hurt to get a second opinion from a pawn shop.

Remember that pawn shops buy and sell electronics all the time. They most likely have knowledge and insight into a particular item you might not have. Discussing your requirements and asking questions to someone who has a lot of experience dealing with electronics will help you decide!

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