Are you looking to buy a new firearm like a handgun, rifle, or shotgun? Buying brand-new isn’t the only option! You can get a like-new gun from a reputable pawn shop and have peace of mind knowing you are buying a quality piece. Curious as to how you will know that?

Here are the top benefits of buying a gun from your local pawn shop.

Knowledgeable, Professional Staff

Pawn shops have several reasons to ensure that the guns they sell are up to standard and safe: liability, reputation and user safety. For these reasons, most pawn shops that sell firearms employ individuals who understand guns; how to repair, clean and appraise them. And unlike many big gun stores, pawn shops have plenty of knowledgeable staff members on hand to answer any questions you may have!

Budget Friendly

New, high-quality firearms and top gun brands carry higher price tags than used guns. Keep this in mind when researching the best places to buy firearms. A more affordable way to purchase a gun is to visit a pawn shop that deals in guns. You can expect to pay around 20 to 25 percent less for the same brand name firearm. If a shop has not moved certain guns in awhile, you might even find the one you are looking for at even less. That’s savings on top of savings! Additionally, if you’re not sure what gun is best for you, this is the perfect way to test a variety of guns.

Exceptional Used Quality

It’s probably obvious that used guns are not going to be free of surface scratches and other cosmetic blemishes. Aside from that, most used guns in pawn shops are in near perfect condition to keep up with industry standards. Ensure you are shopping at pawn shops with a good reputation, positive reviews and quality inventory.

Collectable Firearms

While you can definitely check out gun shows and online shops for rare model guns, keep in mind that your local pawn shop is also a fantastic place to find very rare, collectable pieces! Collectors of rare firearms who frequent trade stores in search of unique and out-of-production makes and models should get to know their local pawn brokers. Some pawn shops will even put you on a contact list if a gun that you’ve shown interest in becomes available.

Inspect Before You Buy

You can inspect brand new guns at a big box gun store – because these guns are new, the staff may rush you toward a sale while assuring you everything is perfect. At a pawn shop, employees expect potential gun buyers to closely inspect used firearms. Experienced gun owners can ask permission to disassemble a gun they have their eye on. Those who are new to guns shouldn’t hesitate to ask the brokers questions or look up information you may be unsure of.

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