Pawn shops are a great place for finding deals on electronics, jewelry, power tools, appliances, and even musical instruments. Many pawn shops also offer a variety of firearms like handguns and rifles for purchase. If you have your eye set on a firearm offered at a pawn shop, it’s important to understand what an FFL Transfer is.

What’s an FFL transfer?

As an important part of the gun buying process, an FFL transfer is a federal firearms license transfer. All those involved in the purchase and sale of firearms must have an FFL as a requirement by law. Part of the FFL requires the seller to perform a background check on the purchaser in order for them to be eligible to buy the firearm.

Why do I need an FFL transfer?

Some states have laws that allow private parties to sell guns to each other, or buy guns online. However, you’ll still need an FFL transfer, just as if you’d bought the gun from a local commercial store. The dealer will run the background check and comply with all state and local regulations, just as if they were the gun seller.

To be eligible in Florida, you must be at least 21 years of age, not have been convicted of crimes punishable for more than 1 year, have not violated federal firearms laws, have a business location from which to sell firearms, and have applicable licenses as required by your state.

FFL transfers are required for gun sales, including online sales. Be aware that most online stores cannot directly ship guns to consumers, so you’ll need to arrange the FFL transfer with a local gun store before you can take possession of the firearm.

How does the FFL transfer process work?

To get started, you’ll need to locate an FFL dealer in Bay County, such as Alamo Pawn Shop. The cost of an FFL transfer ranges from $30 to $80. Next, you’ll need to get a copy of their FFL to show the seller. When the dealer has the gun and has logged it in their inventory—which can take several days—you can come to the store for your background check and to pay any applicable taxes and fees. Once you’ve done the paperwork, that’s it—the gun is legally yours.

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