If you can believe it, pawn shops have been around longer than brick and mortar businesses. The first ones were established for people to trade, sell goods and to borrow money. Their success has continued for many reasons! And, not just because they have their own TV shows. We’ve put together some of the benefits of visiting your local Panama City pawn shop.

You Can Buy AND Sell

It may be common knowledge that Pawn Shops are great places to search for cool, vintage items you probably won’t find anywhere else. But you can also sell your own stuff for quick cash! Whether you’re looking for an affordable TV, a unique gift, or want to get rid of your lightly used video game console, you can do it all at a pawn shop. 

Keep in mind, pawn shops have to keep their inventory moving. If you are unsure whether an item you have is worth selling, call our experts at Alamo Pawn Shop to get an estimate!

A Great Selection of Inventory

Speaking of inventory, items at a pawn shop are almost constantly changing. Updated and moving inventory means there will always be a great selection of products. Whether you’re looking for electronics, power tools, jewelry, or a new-to-you musical instrument, make sure to check out your local pawn shop for unique products you won’t find anywhere else. 

Borrow Money Without Worrying About Your Credit Score

Pawn shops are true to their name by offering loans in a process called “pawning”. Pawning is an easy way to borrow money, no matter your credit score. If you have an item of value, a pawn broker will offer you a loan while keeping your item as collateral. Once you have paid your loan back, the broker will return your item to you. If you are unable to pay back your loan, the shop will sell your item to settle the debt. Borrow money, no questions asked!

Quick Money in Your Pocket

If you are in need of fast cash, consider visiting your local pawn shop first! You can bring in items of value, pawnbrokers will make you an offer, and you’ll get cash the very same day. Not ready to let go of your valuables but still need money quickly? Consider a pawn, which we discuss above! Pawn shops are a trustworthy place to get cash quickly and easily. 

Affordable Prices 

The products in pawn shops are high quality but it doesn’t mean they’ll break the bank. Pawn shops offer valuable items at prices lower than standard retail stores because the middleman (traditional commercial distributors) have been cut out. Because pawn shops buy directly from their customers, there are no outrageous mark-ups. This allows them to offer items for sale at prices that are much lower than what you’d find in a brick and mortar.

Remember the Alamo in Panama City when you are looking for unique, affordable items or are in need of some quick cash! We provide quick confidential loans on just about anything of value. Remember when you sell your item to us you can not pick it up later like a pawn loan.

We have new inventory! Shop online or visit our store at 2312 Transmitter Road. We look forward to serving you!